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API-Application programming interface-allows for connecting data streams and functionalities between different software products.

What does this mean for the travel industry?

If you are an agency, you can let your customers Book a Hotel straight from your website and under your own brand ,by integrating your reservation engine with our API.

API connection to powerful and smooth APIs, like roomiroom, has become a favorite solution for travel agencies that would like to expand their business and offer more choices to their customers, which has many reasons and just to name a few, Agencies do not need to:

  1.  Go through building the infrastructures necessary to start a connection to each and every hotel.
  2.  Have a technical team to deal with connection and updates.
  3.  Have a direct contract with every hotels that they want to add to their system.
  4.  Wait for years to be able to offer hotels from around the world to their customers.

      And much more...